The cutest baby face – could your tiny tot be a newborn model?

Most parents think their bundles of joy are simply the most beautiful things they have ever laid eyes on – and there may well be others who agree!

If your little one has the cutest little baby face, then it might be worth considering putting them forward for newborn modelling.

Babes in arms are often required for photo shoots and, if you just happen to have taken lots of lovely snaps of your latest addition recently, you could send some to us to have a look at.

Newborn modelling is often the start of a long and happy relationship with the camera: some beautiful babes go on to become toddler and then child models.

Starting to model at an early age often makes them confident in front of the camera and comfortable around the many people who are often present at a shoot or on a set.

Equally, taking your beautiful baby girl or boy along to an assignment might be something you decide to do every now and again to bring in a little extra income, as and when it fits in.

Little ones from newly born up to one years old are often required for baby modelling work – and if you have twins, triplets or even quadruplets you could find your offspring in particularly high demand.

Like the rest of us, babies come in all shapes and sizes and Models Direct loves nothing more than having a broad selection of bouncing beauties to choose from for various campaigns.

So, mothers and fathers, read our top tips on baby modelling, flick through the photos on your phone and read what some of the parents of our existing baby models have to say about their own experiences.

This is what Sienna’s mum told us after she’d take her gorgeous newborn daughter along to a shoot:

“Sienna and I had lots of fun on this photo shoot for baby sleeping products! It was like a F1 tyre change with lifting Sienna as she slept from pod to pod (to model four different product designs)! I was a very proud mummy watching her be adorable during this shoot and we cannot wait to do more with Models Direct!!”

Tiny Lola giggled her way through her first assignment, her mum reported:

“Lola and I had the best experience today. We were made to feel very welcome by the client. Lola loved doing the photo shoot….she was a natural – her favourite part was being in the limelight being photographed. They called Lola their ‘boo star’ because her face lit up every time they played boo with her! I’m not sure what I was expecting to be honest, but this was better than anything I could have imagined. Lola had to model some baby sleeping bags and vests. The pictures were taken in a cot, on a mattress, a rug and a snuggle pillow. I look forward to receiving a copy of the catalogue and photos when the photos are ready. I would recommend this type of experience to people who have a happy, cheerful baby because you do not have to do anything – they are just themselves. I found Models Direct on the internet and glad I chose them. I hope to get more job offers for Lola soon!”

And little Theo was also a star:

“Theo had a great day modelling for the new Pampers ‘poo face’ advert,” his mum said. “He had to take part in some filming and some still shots to enable the director to put together the commercial. This was great experience for Theo as it has got him use to lots of people, big lights and generally everything that goes on in front of the camera!”

She added: “I chose to sign Theo up to Models Direct to get some great experience being a model. I hope that he will be offered more modelling roles to continue putting a great portfolio together for future job opportunities. I would recommend anyone to put their baby forward for modelling – it’s great fun and very good for your baby’s development. Thank you, Models Direct!”