Spring Nails Trends of 2020: What’s New in This Year?

Nails trends are always surprising us with fresh new looks added with a creative twist that will make nails look super funky.

So for this year, say goodbye to the classic French manicure and welcome the year with diverse styles. For all those prospective and existing hand models out there, read on to find out how to nail it with the new nail trends for 2020.

Nude Manicure – Simply Sophisticated

Move over French manicure…here comes the nude manicure. Stripped bare, nude shades on your nails will always look simple, sophisticated and add a splash of romance. They’re your go-to for those minimalist lovers out there. That being said, they also work perfectly with a lot of statement pieces in your wardrobe because – bonus alert – nude nails go with everything! You’ll never go wrong with this shade, that’s for sure. Add a little sparkle with glitter if you want to be the star of the morning, afternoon or evening!

“Half-moon” Nails – Moontastic Fashion

Another trend making an appearance on the nail scene is the “half-moon” manicure. This funky style combines two colours where one colour forms a moon shape that follows the line of your nail bed. A steady hand is needed to achieve amazing results! The half-moon shape is simple to create: first, apply the colour of your choice. Grab yourself a moon-shaped paper stencil – you can even make one yourself! Place it to the bottom of your nail to cover the desired area and apply the next colour of your choice to the uncovered area. In the event of any mishaps, don’t worry, you can use a remover pen to help. 

Dark Matte Nails – Strikingly Bold

Just because it’s spring, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to floral shades. Don’t play it safe; be a trendsetter by going for dark shades with a matte finish. Bold and striking colours will look perfect on long and short nails, great for any occasion. If you really want to acknowledge the season with a fitting colour, why not try green? Go that extra mile and switch it up between a matte and gloss finish to make it fun.

Minimalist Dots – Polka Dot Fun

Love colourful polka dots? This nail style is for you! Apply a light colour over your nail and then, steady does it, add a tiny polka dot and voila! You’ve got your minimalist dot look in the bag.

We know this is a tricky one to achieve but if you’ve got a cocktail stick to hand, you can use that to dip into your varnish pot and pop onto your nail for a uniform look. 

Pastel Colours for a Festive Spring Look

2020 is all about looking fresh! Nails splashed with the popular Spring theme hues like yellow, duck egg, or delicate pink will be your ticket to the spring nail trend for this year. What’s even better is, you can mix and match colours, creating your own wonderful rainbow on your fingers. 

Have fun trying out these trends especially whilst you’re indoors now. Try out any finish and add any amount of glitter too but don’t forget to take care of your hands by keeping them clean and applying regular cream.

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