Save the Children UK’s Christmas Jumper Day

Add this date to your dairy everyone. Thursday 7th December 2023. How comes? It’s Christmas Jumper Day – yay!

We’re heading right into the festive season and with so many exciting days ahead, to mark the end of the year. Models Direct thought we’d write about a special day that’s set to be fun and dedicated towards a charitable cause for children worldwide. Kids, parents, guardians, neighbours, everyone in the community, climb onboard!

Back in 2012, Save the Children UK – one of the UK’s top children’s rights charity – responded to help children keep safe, eat well and get educated, initiated an annual event to raise money for the children who need it most around the world during this festive period.

It’s shocking to think that about 19.5 million people are projected to be in crisis in Nigeria alone.

Therefore, with an event like this, where anyone and everyone is welcome to take part, just wearing a funky jumper (be it old, pre-loved or borrowed) for this one day and helping to fundraise and donate as little as £2 (or less if you wish) towards the charity, will help a child in a different situation. And if this day doesn’t suit you, it could be another day of your choice in December. If you wanted, you could share an image of you in your wooly knitwear on your ePortfolio to remember your day!

Last year, an amazing total of £5 million was raised for children and an extra £2 million was topped up by the UK government. Our modelling specialist team wanted to write about this festive knit event because there’s always time to give back positivity and hope to the world.

Models Direct has worked with charities such as Centrepoint Charity, which provides accommodation, and health support programs to help homeless young people get back into education, training and employment. Our modelling projects have been meaningful, with powerful messages so it’s been an absolute honour to connect our wonderful models to sensational clients.

This is what we do as the UK’s top modelling agency that shuns showcasing models and doing nothing about it! We promise to put our models forward whenever a client calls for their look. However, we also reiterate when our models register with us that we cannot guarantee work and that the final word always rests with our prestigious clients. We do remind our models to keep their online portfolio up to date and their body measurements too so that if a client wants to have a look at them, they have the most recent image to help them determine whether to take the model selection process to the next stage. We also recommend to keep all personal social media accounts professional in case our clients decide to embark on a exploration journey which happens more often than not with the ease of accessibility of literally everything now! This doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun though! It does mean that it has to be within reason and demonstrate the story you want to convey to your audient. In this case, a lovely warm jumper with flashing Christmas trees will do!

As a roundup, this December, wear a funky Christmassy jumper and get into the swing of having festive fun whilst raising money for children around the world. This time wearing a Xmas knit you wanted to avoid will have more purpose and give you a sense of reward. Don’t forget to fill us in if you’re a model in our books, and if you’re a newbie, it’ll certainly be one to add to the new portfolio collection!