Working as a Model – What’s Involved?

Are you curious about what it’s like to work as a model? Or are you intrigued to keep learning if you’re an existing one (or know someone who is?)

There’s lots involved as with every profession out there. Whether you’re interested in specialising in catalogue modelling, commercial modelling, catwalk modelling, promotional modelling, fit modelling, body part modelling, fitness modelling, petite modelling, tall modelling, plus-size modelling, pregnancy modelling, family modelling, baby modelling, child modelling, teen modelling, senior modelling (there are so many and plenty more), we hope this blog helps for you to learn lots more! So, without further ado, let’s go!

It’s a busy world

A model’s lifestyle and schedule can be seriously busy – we’re not exaggerating. Our specialist modelling team of coordinators have been in the business totalling to over thirty years so we know what we’re talking about – we’re Europe’s number one modelling employment agency.

When our models are assigned with an assignment, it’s fun, hectic, and hopefully organised as organised can be but our agency is present every step of the way from the initiation stage of model selection through to the completion of our client’s campaign. We’re available for our models to touch base with us even when they’re on set and we follow up their experience with a happiness review because we want their experience to ultimately be a successful and memorable one. Models Direct really do care about how our models feel as well as our clients.

Expect some of the following:

Casting calls and self-tapes

You might be called in for a casting call, where you’ll audition for a modelling part or acting role, or maybe asked to submit a self-tape which you can read all about here (don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with useful how-to’s and top tips). This’ll be keeping you busy.


We might not mention this enough, but travelling can be lengthy particularly if you’ve been asked to travel far on a national scale or to jet-set further afield. If you’re booked for multiple assignments, expect to be travelling far and wide you’ll want to keep yourself busy on those long journeys or catch up on some snooze!

Sitting in for hair, makeup and outfit changes

Some assignments will prep you for the job with hair, makeup and dress code included in the brief whilst other clients will organise it for you including a change of outfit. Expect to be trying on different clothes, shoes, and having your hair and makeup done which will differ from assignment to assignment.


You’ll have the opportunity to connect and build relationships with industry professionals such as photographers, videographers, social media marketing teams, directors, producers and other models.

Collaborating with other models

When working on assignments, you might be collabing with fellow models, this will differ from project to project. You might be a part of a manufactured family modelling squad one day and the next, be part of a happy couple, or you might be a lone ranger. Be ready to work as a team and with new faces on every gig you’re called for.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

No doubt, we mention this point throughout our blogs but maintaining a healthy lifestyle regardless of whether you’re a model or not is essential for your health and well-being.

Outfit changes

Before strutting down the runway or striking a pose for a photoshoot, you might have to try on clothing (and maybe not just one set!) It’s part of the profession but it can be a serious whole lot of fun trying new looks no matter what your age is!

Being adaptable and open

It’s good to have a positive outlook on your profession and have an open mind about your gig. No two gigs are the same and with every job comes a different role to fill, a different vision and campaign dream.

The takeaway

When it comes to being a professional model, consider being kept busy with casting calls and self-tapes, lots of travelling, sitting in for hair, makeup and outfit changes, networking, collaborating with other models, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, outfit changes and being adaptable! And remember, with a strong agency (like Models Direct) behind you, who are rooting for you and supporting you every step of your career, being a model will be one of the best things you ever tried!