Real Families Wanted for Family Modelling

Our family division at Models Direct is continually expanding and we want to hear from you! This blog explores why…

We know that adverts – digital and print – are targeted towards specific audiences. You’ll see smiling families pop up in ads for healthcare products, entertainment such as theme parks and sunny summer holidays. You might even see them riding on unicycles, travelling through treasure trove trails along the countryside…

Okay, maybe not quite unicycles, but we think you get the drift. Models Direct know that families are big business and mean supercharged marketing for those industries that target this division. After all, family is where the heart is and the foundation of our society where most of us can relate to this unit through our own life experiences.

Getting real families involved 

When it comes to modelling, our agency has found that it can be incredibly challenging to create a family and the magical chemistry they share on-screen and camera if we’re plucking out models who don’t know one another. This is not to say we haven’t done this before and it hasn’t worked but with the turbulent years we’ve recently experienced, it certainly helps to have the same family members join forces and star in some amazing adverts and marketing projects.

We’ve got brilliant actors in books too, including children, and even though they do a smashing job at creating a very convincing story, hugging an actor versus hugging your real parent or sibling is different. It isn’t acting, it’s real and this genuine connection can be captured so beautifully without you having to even try.

Extended families are welcome too

This is why Models Direct cast real families for family modelling assignments. We have seen the benefits and chemistry that families share, whether it’s a gran, uncle, or cousin, and we put forward family trees according to our client’s specifications. Extended families are always welcome too!

Celebrating the family structure

As our world is evolving, Models Direct are looking forward to representing diverse families, be it single-sex, same-sex or multiracial family structures. We always look forward to including fresh faces and including everyone fairly to reflect our population.

Get paid for being yourself

Having a giggle, cuddle, conversation around a dinner table or exploring the great outdoors with your family for a campaign couldn’t be easier! You don’t need to act or pretend to play the part. All you have to do is relax as a family, cooperate, work well together and bounce off of one another to get put forward as the next family model, and the rest will all fall into place. Sound like something you’d like to explore together? Get in touch with our expert advisors who can help guide you through the ins and outs of this modelling division…

Celebrate your family by spending quality time with them, enjoy participating in fabulous assignments and get paid for your time and skills. What’s not to love, eh? Head on over to our handy online application form, fill in all your details and we’re sure the next call from us will kick-start your family modelling journey. See you soon and happy family modelling! We cannot wait...