Baby Modelling with Our Modelling Agency

Calling all bambinos, please. We hope your parents and guardians are reading our newest blog about baby modelling.

Get your tot’s dummies, bibs and muslin squares on standby, (okay, a grown-up will help you!), here’s to babies who could make it onto the modelling scene.

The beginning

With all that contagious babbling, cute little giggles and the need to explore the world, babies are super adorable from the get-go. Even when they’re sad or crying, babies pull our heartstrings, and the majority of us have a soft spot for them. With babies covering a multitude of different industries, they have a big role in this world and shaping its future. Industries such as the baby industry, of course, the educational industry, the food industry, the medical and pharmaceutical industry, the travel industry, the housing market, the toy industry and the entertainment industry, are just a snippet of where the focus is set with babies.

So when these industries need to call for babies to appear in any of their marketing, that’s when you think, how did they even get onto the outdoor advertising billboard, on a website or in a TV ad?

Welcome to the world of baby modelling!

When your cherub is born, it’s quite an overwhelming phase in your life. There are so many adjustments you have to make and things you have to adapt to on the spot that even taking a snap on your mobile can feel unachievable. Models Direct knows as we’ve been in that position and know how incredibly challenging even the smallest of tasks can be when you have a newborn, whether they’re your first, second, or third. But…. and here’s the thing, if you look beyond the hourly feeds and nappy changes, there is a world of modelling that your baby can join alongside their nourishing world of growth and self-development. All they have to do is just be their natural self and feel comfy in larger crowds of unknown faces.

The middle

The idea of this might be making you feel a bit nervous but ultimately, baby models are at the heart of the hustle and bustle of a production team bringing together work that involves any one of the industries mentioned above. The target audience for babies are families and friends that know a little one, so it would only make sense to feature a tot in campaigns so that they’re more relatable and that people can make a strong connection.

These babies that you see haven’t just been plucked out of thin air to feature in world-class campaigns. They’re usually part of the modelling industry where they’ve been booked by a client who has liked their look. Simples! Do you know how much extra effort you have to put into making this modelling dream turn into reality should you want the same for your newborn? Here it is:

1. Sign up with a reputable modelling agency that has a strong legacy with happy models and clients. Ensure that they are not just a ‘showcase agency.’ More about this here.

2. Keep your baby’s portfolio up to date with regular images every few weeks as they change so fast. Blink and they grow!

3. Check our ‘job board’ for the latest modelling positions which you can directly apply for work yourself.

4. Keep reading our content for all the latest modelling scoop and news that’s hot off the press.

The ending (is only just the beginning)

Waiting for a response can be the most challenging bit so practising patience can come in handy since modelling work doesn’t always have a regular rhythm. Sometimes your baby model may find work as soon as they have signed up with an agency like us, Models Direct, or sometimes it can take longer. The decision lies in the hands of clients which a reputable agency should declare when signing up their bambinos right from the very onset.

The difference with our agency is…

We’ve been in the biz for over thirty years with a strong alumni. We put all our models forward whenever a client calls for their look and then leave it in their hands to make the ultimate decision. Our expert team aims to never miss an opportunity where a model could land a gig as we have a specialised team working hard, around the clock and behind the scenes to give everyone the chance to work as a model, not just as a one-hit wonder but on as many projects as possible. We’ve seen how our newborn models might have started off featuring with their mama well before they were born in pregnancy-related campaigns, or moved onto child modelling and perhaps teen and adult modelling as they’ve progressed through life.

Modelling is one of those professions that you can work around your other commitments and doesn’t tie you down to the nine-to-five slog. Instead, you have the freedom to be your boss and choose which projects you’d like to take on that are offered to you.

Babies, we can’t say that you’ll have that choice now as you’re so young, but as you grow, one day you will should you stay on our modelling books!