Photographer’s 7 top tips for models

Models Direct has lots of pointers for both aspiring and experienced models as evident by the link below:

However, even though we’re fascinated with everything associated with commercial modelling, we like to hear of tips from other experts outside our professional remit. Models Direct was moulded from a love of photography, but as our business expanded into what it is today (the UK’s only national talent agency), we concentrated on providing the best individuals to our clients – be it models, actors, singers, entertainers or musicians. So, when professional photographers advise on their own top tips for models, we listen. As should all you gifted people out there!

Here’s a list of great advice by photographers for models – read, absorb, learn. We hope you take some of them into your next assignment!

1. Don’t worry too much about the technical aspect of photography. Professional photographers are exactly that – they know what they’re doing! Leave the technical stuff to them and the day will run smoothly.

2. Preparation. Never turn up without some sort of preparation. It’s always a good idea to research the client or photographer – if you know their name. All knowledge is power!

3. Go easy on the make-up! Your photographer will assess the lighting and the backgrounds, and they might even have some advice on how much make-up (if any) is required. Additionally, if a director or PA are on set, they could have the final say in the make-up stakes. Listen to them, and go with the flow.

4. Communication is key. When we put forward models for assignments, we’ll always give them as much information as possible. Going to modelling jobs “blind” only hinders the assignment, and photographers know this as well. A good photographer will clearly explain what is required by models, as well as the idea behind the shoot – i.e. what they and the clients are looking for, and how the finished photos will help the campaign. Speaking of communication, don’t be afraid to ask questions if in any doubt.

5. Stay as healthy as possible a few days before your shoot. Get plenty of sleep, eat well (by not overdoing the calories and making sure you consume sufficient vitamins), and drink lots of water. Being fighting fit (both mentally and physically) reflects positively in the finished articles. A good photographer can often work miracles, but there’s no substitute to having a naturally glowing complexion by taking care of yourself. Models need to think in the long term!

6. Relax. A good photographer knows that a composed and unruffled model is absolutely essential for a successful shoot. Any respectable photographer won’t touch a model without mutual consent and they won’t have any qualms if a model asks a friend to come along for the experience. Keeping a model at ease is one of a photographer’s main aims!

7. Enjoy! Yes, it’s work, but photography is a skill that is enjoyed by all professionals. Any photographer worth his / her salt will also want models to enjoy the shoot. In fact, a photo shoot is one of the most satisfying jobs going!

If you want to know a little bit more about the wonderful world of professional photography in the modelling world have a read here:

We hope you’ll be applying some of the above tips in photo shoots in the near future!