‘It’s not that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but it’s your best friends who are your diamonds.’ – Gina Barreca

Friends are essential in life, whether you choose to have a special few or  you’re one of those people who have friends all round the world,  they all offer us different things!

We see our  colleagues  every day and probably spend more time with them than our families in some cases, so it’s lovely when you have ‘work friends’ too. Models Direct’s head office is predominately female, we rely on each other for support, advice and of course humour when times are stressful or difficult, it’s great to have a strong team of people around you who you can call your friends.

Alot of our models also get to make friends when out on assignment, often thrown together in a pressured environment with nerves bubbling, it’s a time  where models seek reassurance from one another and form friendships, some of them life long! On set or on a shoot location you often spend alot of time with the people you are working with and there may be times when you’re not filming when you can chat with lunch or refreshments, so fiendships are formed and it makes work alot more fun!

At Models Direct the  New Face team often hear from applicants who want to be with an agency because ‘their friend is’ or Models Direct has been recommended to them by a friend, it’s always great to hear and  some of the most successful models on the books have found us this way.

Friendships can of course have their ups and downs, when we are young and studying or travelling, we perhaps make more friends as we are out socialising and meeting lots of people, however as we get older often some friendships fall by the wayside, when life’s responsibilities get in the way and it’s therefore harder to meet people – as you mature you get to realise which friends are important to you!

New parents often make lots of new friends when they have a baby, you may well be on maternity leave with your baby so therfore do dofferent activities, groups and socialise with people who you hadn’t before, this is often a time when really strong friendships are made as you offer support to each other throughout what can be a challenging time.  This is the case when baby models are used in a commercial, campaign or photoshoot, mum’s and dad’s chat and talk about their experience of Models Direct and often remain in contact.

Often when people are going through the application process here at Models Direct  our agents will spend a lot of time talking to them on the phone  to get a clear understanding of their personality, skills and abilities.  When asked  WHY they think they would be  right for this industry people often respond whit “my friends say i have a good look” or ” my friends say i’m a great singer, dancer, actor or musician” – we look to our friends for reassurance, the good ones will help build your confidence and point out what you are good at, our best friends make us feel good about ourselves!

So today remind your best friends who they are and be grateful to them,  they really are your diamonds!