“Friendly, efficient, quick and flexible. Thank you Molly!” – TravelClick

What our  client’s say about us…….

“Molly was very friendly and passionate about the project. She found some good options for us very quickly! ”   –  Fuzzy Duck Creative

“Overall we have had a great experience both with yourself and the models, we always received quick responses and communication was thorough which was helpful in this task.” – Symphony Group

At Models Direct we understand   our clients could take their business anywhere, there are lots of model/talent agents out there!! So  what makes them choose us??

An essential skill of an Assignment Co-ordinator is the ability to build strong relationships with clients! The entertainment industry is very competitive and with thousands of agents competing for business, Models Direct have to ensure they stand out above the rest and retain their clients to secure future bookings for  their models.

The Assignments team at Models Direct spend most of their time on the phone, even now when we live in a world of  online messaging and emailing, for a lot of industries the phone is becoming  an unused tool, this isn’t the case for a model agent!! Booking agents spend most of their  day talking, to new clients, regular clients, brief and casting updates, new leads, production  managers , it’s all about being remembered and making an impression.

Feedback is an essential part of this business, without it a company is unable to know exactly how they can improve and what their customer/client requirements are, so the team ensure they ask for feedback from all clients after booking  models with us. It doesn’t matter how big the client is whether it’s a large internationally known brand or a small local independent – all feedback is crucial to the Models Direct team.

Here are a few examples of feedback the  Assignments team have recently received:

Very easy to talk to and flexible. Everything was handled with minimum fuss and when more options were needed they were provided without delay.” – Ichi Worldwide

Would you use us again, if so, why?
“Yes, Good value for money, service was great and Gillian was perfect for our needs.” – Wentworth Puzzles

How was your talent booker – friendly, efficient, quick?
“Marie was excellent! Form the very beginning, she was very helpful and  speedily   efficient.” – St John’s Ambulance

Would you use us again, if so, why?
“Yes. Easy to book, simple process, and quick if needed”. – Ieso Digital Health

How was your talent booker – friendly, efficient, quick?
“Molly was very efficient, particularly given our tight deadlines and went above and beyond to help me in the production and budgets of the shoot. I particularly appreciated her speed to reply via email particularly when I am managing a few projects remotely although, admittedly, those were useful too and she was always on hand! ” – Nonsense PR

Would you use us again, if so, why?
“Absolutely; efficiency, to budget and also within the time frames of our delivery dates. We’re hoping to grow this client‘s relationship so will definitely be looking for more real life families in the future and would love to collaborate with Molly again. ” – Nonsense PR

Many of our models also have acting skills and all cameras love them. If you need to book a model for a film or TV shoot then you are in safe hands with us as we have worked with the BBC, ITV, Channel 5, Endemol, Talkback Thames and Town House TV.

Rachel Rosser the Associate Producer at Town House TV Productions said; 
‘Friendly, professional, resilient and reliable. (The Models) were both very reliable, both on location bang on time and in place for filming as soon as they were asked to. They remained professional at all times and were resilient in the face of a whole day filming in very cold conditions – they didn’t complain once, in fact they were the complete opposite, always smiling and cooperative. They interacted incredibly well with their fellow colleagues for the day and likewise with the crew. A really good find and 2 models I have already transferred into my contact book for future filming. Best wishes to you all.”

Models  Direct has over 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry, however  the team are always keen to hear how they can strive, improve and keep up in an ever changing world.

Book a model today with a reputable agency like Models Direct. Simply complete the   talent hire form  or call

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