Being A Booking Agent at Models Direct

Have you ever wondered what it involves being a  Booking Agent at   an International talent agency like Models  Direct…..

Every day at    Models Direct    our lovely team of Booking Agents are communicating and building relationships with clients across the UK and beyond!

Modelling is an incredibly competitive industry, with lots of different agents all competing to get   their    models/talent noticed and seen by influential people, production companies, advertising agencies and casting directors – this is no easy job!

Models Direct     have successfully been doing this for around 27 years now and continue to work hard in making new contacts in the industry, sourcing the perfect talent and understanding client briefs.

The Assignments team receive new enquiries daily from companies across the UK looking for a particular look or talent for their latest campaign, photo-shoot or promotion, it’s then up to the team here at Models Direct to search for the models who would fit the brief.

Once a search has been created of potential models this is then presented to the client for them to view and make a short list from.  The Booker at   Models Direct   will then contact the models shortlisted and check availability and discover whether it’s and assignment they would be interested in doing – the client then makes a final selection from the models who have said ‘YES’ they would be be interested.

Contacting the selected models is always a nice part of the job, you can hear their excitement and enthusiasm for the project, it’s now up to the booker to brief them and make sure they are fully prepared for the up coming assignment – how exciting!!

Being a Booking Agent comes with it’s frustrations and in the modelling/entertainment industry things can change very quickly, so our booking agents are thick skinned and determined people!