Celebrating World Photography Day with Models Direct

Pencil in this date, guys – August 19th because as the title of this reading explains, it’s the annual celebration of…drum roll, please…World Photography Day!

World Photo Day (as it’s sometimes referred to) celebrates everything revolving around photography – the interesting history, the impressive science behind it and of course, the art of taking a riveting photo. It’s pretty wonderful that the collection of inspiring photos from across the globe can be shared particularly on this day via none other than worldphotographyday.com. Any submissions can be whisked off to this site for everyone to log in and enjoy – both printed and digital images. Wondering what to send? It’s a bit like when you have to send over photos to our agency.

The beginnings of this annual event

On this date, around 12 years ago, almost 270 photographers came together to share their images in a global online gallery to promote positivity and connection through the art of photo taking. What they probably didn’t know at the time was that over 100 countries would come to visit the online gallery, and because of the fantastic turnout, this was the beginning of the very first official World Photo Day.

Did you know?

Back in 1839, the French government purchased the patent for the Daguerreotype process (on the 19th of August), which was an early method of photography.

Photos are important to many people and here at our agency, Models Direct, taking snaps of models for advertising and marketing campaigns is what it’s all about – there’s no denying it, we’re proper photography fans here so we’re excited to see what’s put up online for the world to see this year.

A brief history into the magical world of photography

From the days of carrying heavy copper plates and toxic chemicals to take a photograph, to George Eastman’s Kodak camera invention, everyone is now able to enjoy taking photos effortlessly and safely (which is a big one – considering the dangerous stuff they used to have to use to get the job done!). We thank the masterminds behind this creation because if it wasn’t for them, simply put, we wouldn’t be taking our selfies, creating Instagram Reels or watching YouTube shorts. Nope, none of that!

Extra observations for the day

If you haven’t had the chance to send of an image there are other ways you can participate. You can:

· Learn about what it takes to be a photographer – explore settings, times, foot traffic, lighting, and theme to begin with

· Speak to a photographer and learn why they enjoy photography

· Do some background research of your own and learn about historical photographers

· Commit to a photography course to immerse yourself in it

Get clicking

Like what you’ve read? We hope so! Would you like to participate in this event and put forward an image that could raise awareness about something you and your community hold close to your hearts? Come together, celebrate, contemplate and raise awareness and conversations. Get connected at #WorldPhotographyDay and with Models Direct for all the latest with our agency.