Baby talk: Thoughts from a parent

A few weeks ago, Models Direct chatted briefly with a parent named Sara, who was watching a junior practice session at a Yorkshire cricket club. Sara revealed to us that her 10 month old baby, Amelia, had taken part in a days’ modelling work. We were all ears.

Sara said that she was asked by a marketing company in Leeds (of which there are many) to bring along Amelia for a photo shoot. Sara’s friend works at the marketing company, and decided to ask Sara directly if she’d be willing to take Amelia to the bright lights of a big city. Sara’s friend knows Amelia, and thought she’d be perfect for the job, which was a photo session for an up-and-coming IT company. So, not modelling for a client involved specifically with babies and children, although the client was desperately in need of a baby for its campaign. Sara wasn’t busy on the big day, so she agreed. If Amelia had been old enough, she’d no doubt have been excited. Here is our conversation with Sara.     

Models Direct: Sara, please tell us how Amelia became the first model in your family!

Sara: Well, it was fortunate, because my friend works at a marketing company, and phoned me straightaway when she knew her client was on the lookout for a baby for their IT campaign. She’s taken Amelia to the park a few times, so she knows her quite well!

Models Direct: Did you have to think twice about it?

Sara: I didn’t say “yes” instantly, because I didn’t know how Amelia would get on in that kind of environment.

Models Direct: But you agreed, obviously, yes?

Sara: Yes. My friend said that Amelia would be fine, and that I could be nearby in case anything went wrong with her.

Models Direct: Did you have to take anything with you on the day?

Sara: Nothing that I wouldn’t have usually taken on a short trip: nappies, extra blankets, toys…those kind of things. My friend said that if I needed to bring anything else, they’d let me know before the day.

Models Direct: So it was relatively stress-free?

Sara: As stress-free as having a 10 month old can be! Seriously, the only thing I worried about was being on time, because we were driving and sometimes it can be a nightmare in rush-hour.

Models Direct: Were there any problems during the day?

Sara: No, not really…unless you count paying six pounds for a sandwich!

Models Direct: Where was that?!

Sara: A gourmet café down the road. I’m not telling you the name of it!

Models Direct: Fair enough! So everything went smoothly at the shoot?

Sara: Absolutely. There was one large light on set, but Amelia didn’t seem to notice it. Everyone was really friendly, and they were smitten with her. I think she’s got a bit of a fan club!  

Models Direct: Did you – or Amelia – get paid for the day?

Sara: Yes, we were paid a day’s rate, including travelling expenses, which was handy, because the parking in Leeds is so expensive! 

Models Direct: So, would you consider “asking” Amelia to star in more modelling shoots?

Sara: Of course! Maybe not in the near future as we’re thinking of moving house soon. But I could tell Amelia enjoyed the experience, because she was on her best behaviour and even smiled at all the right times! It could have been a coincidence, but I prefer to think it was because Amelia was not stressed and was looked after by the company’s staff. 

Models Direct: What would your advice be to other parents interested in putting their babies forward for modelling work?

Sara: Go for it! As long as you trust the company / agency, it’s a worthwhile experience. You never know where things like this could lead!