What if I change my mind about a modelling booking?

The simple answer is, yes that’s fine but please let us know as soon as you possibly can.

We at Models Direct do understand that emergency situations crop up all the time – perhaps you become too unwell to attend or possibly a serious family situation occurs unexpectedly…

But accepting a modelling assignment is essentially undertaking an agreement of trust, between you as the model, us as the agency and the client as, well, the client..

The later you tell us that you can’t attend a job, the harder it is for us to find someone else who is suitable for the job – and the higher the likelihood that our client may be let down.

Models Direct is a highly reputable, long-standing business of over 30 years.

As such we have developed strong and lasting relationships with many big name and lesser known clients.

They rely on us to deliver the kinds of models they need and, as a genuine, professional organisation with a solid reputation, we will always do our utmost to do so.

But, at the end of the day, we also rely on you – the model – to support us in that.

We ask that you give us and our client every consideration in letting us know as soon as possible if something urgent prevents you from fulfilling a booking.

That way we have more chance of finding someone else who matches requirements and has the availability to attend.

We do also understand that on occasion models think more carefully about a job and decide that perhaps the assignment – or even modelling itself – isn’t right for them.

Again, we do understand but please tell us the moment you start getting cold feet.

When your personal contact at Models Direct calls you to explain about an assignment, you will have every opportunity to ask them questions and find out more.

Please also don’t feel any obligation to accept – we fully understand there may be reasons that a particular job won’t work for you.

Perhaps the timing, the location or even just the job itself are not right for you.

And please do call them back if you accept but later have any questions or start feeling anxious.

Your contact will talk more to you about the assignment and discuss with you whether you still want to accept it.

After all, do remember that we will have shortlisted other suitable candidates along with you.

However, the sooner you tell us, the sooner we can approach one of them.

As a fully government-registered, vetted and accredited employment agency, our job is to seek out work for our models.

We do our absolute best for our models and we therefore ask them to do their absolute best for us – and telling us about any problems as soon as they crop up is part of that.

This review from one of our models, Lee, highlights the fantastic working relationship we have with our models – and you can also read more reviews here.

“I had a really great time. I was unsure what to expect being my first shoot, but the whole crew made me feel welcome and comfortable in the new surroundings….

“Gemma at Models Direct really helped make the process run smoothly….

“I am looking forward to my next shoot and gaining more experience