Want to Know What to Watch in Self-Isolation?

Running out of ideas on what to watch whilst in quarantine? Seen Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney + back to back but want something different? Check Out Models: Street To Catwalk

Running out of ideas on what to watch whilst in quarantine? Seen Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney + back to back but want something different?

Well, since Models Direct is a long-standing modelling agency always on the lookout for new models (even during these unprecedented times). We’ve always got our eyes peeled for the newest trends and the latest happening in the modelling industry.

So, we’ve found something for all you budding models out there to watch! You need to head over to BBC Three where an insightful four-part series has just aired its first episode (this Sunday just gone) on our screens – Models: Street To Catwalk. Take it from us, you’ll want to get comfy, cosy and dig into something delish whilst watching this.

What it’s all about

Models: Street To Catwalk takes us on the path of three young gorgeous models who were scouted by a UK modelling agency. The programme will give any prospective models out there a behind-the-scenes pass to what goes on within the industry. You’ll discover the peaks and troughs, achievements and challenges that these young models are journeying through to not just make it into the modelling world but to make it BIG!

For any of you out there reading this and have felt unsure about venturing into this field, this programme opens the doors and reveals how it is for models breaking into the arena. Modelling agencies are matching the demands of consumers. Consumers want to see a real representation of models who bring a unique, flair of diversity. Consumers want to see models who they feel will represent them and who they can relate to. If this is executed accurately, then the industry flourishes.

Models: Street To Catwalk reveals Nemesis’ goal of searching for the edgy, diverse ‘Manchester look’ which is their trending sought after look. The three youngsters are from unconventional backgrounds and are now trying their hand at reigning the camera with awesome poses and bold expressions!

Our thoughts 

We certainly hope you take on our suggestion and watch the series. As a modelling agency ourselves, we too encourage new models and existing ones to come on board and keep up the momentum of excepting assigned new jobs.

We’ll put it out there just as the programme does – modelling isn’t always as easy as it’s hyped up to be. Sometimes waiting to hear back from an agency can be agony but there’s always reward in patience and positivity. 

Register with us

If you’re serious about taking the modelling plunge, we say, head over to our registration page and apply to Models Direct. It really couldn’t be simpler; just hit the send button along with a couple of snapshots of yourself and your application will whizz into cyberspace and reach our inbox in next to no time.

Maybe this will be your time to shine; add an extra job to your CV and earn extra cash too! What’s not to like? Stay tuned to Models: Street To Catwalk for more in-the-know modelling insight and don’t worry if you missed the first episode – you can stream it on BBC iPlayer.