Unwind with the Perfect Evening Routine

A model’s lifestyle can be all systems go. When assignments are set, everything is bound to be busy in the run-up, during and after the project. Understandably, you’ll want the evenings to yourself with a nice routine in place to help you unwind. This might be a touch difficult if you’re shooting stills and filming during the evenings or if you’re assignment is located far away and you’re exhausted come sunset.
However, whenever you can squeeze some of these Models Direct suggestions will help create that evening time sanctuary so you can switch off, relax and get some well-deserved downtime.

Cook up a nutritious treat

When we say, “treat” we don’t mean something sugary, we mean a real meal featuring important components from differing food groups. Models Direct has protein, healthy fats and complex carbs coupled with plenty of fluids in mind (but don’t leave the latter lingering on till late otherwise you’ll be up for frequent night time trips to the loo!)

If you’re pressed for time, plan your week’s meals, freeze batch them and then take a portion out (depending on your family size) first thing in the morning so it defrosts, ready to be heated through when you’re back. This will help if you have a family modelling squad where you’re always on the go! A healthy balanced evening meal (not too late, mind!) is a good way to relax as you enter the evening.

A walk in the evening

You can now consider a walk after your meal. Whether you’re venturing out solo or as a duo, or a group of evening-time walkers, a walk during this time can help you relax after your long day’s work. The weather is usually cooler (hopefully not freezing or pouring it down), and the atmosphere feels calmer with less traffic and noise. This is one way to end your day on a calmer note plus getting in exercise.

Next up, your fav downtime activity

What’s half an hour in the grander scheme of things? It’s enough to trigger happy hormones, like your dopamine levels, and make you feel, well, happy! After monstrous traffic or a long day of shooting stills, are you lost for ideas? How about these:

Listening to your fav music

Listening to your fav podcast or audiobook



Chatting to friends or family

Watching your fav movie or sitcom

Having a bath

Playing with your pet (if you have one!)


There are lots of activities you can decide match best with who you are and which suit you. Choose anything that tickles your fancy for the end of your evening. Own it and relax.

Reduce your device usage

This is such a hard point to follow but it needs to be done to help you sleep better. Stay away from any devices close to bedtime (particularly 30 minutes beforehand) as blue light suppresses the body’s ability to produce melatonin which is needed to help you sleep. Packing it in together might be the best idea moving forward to a more relaxing and sleep-filled evening.

Models Direct hope that this blog has helped you to unearth some tips on how to unwind for the perfect evening routine.