No More Blue Monday

As I sit at head office today and write this blog, it seems anything but ‘Blue Monday’!

The sun is shining, there is not a cloud in the sky, the phones are ringing and next to me sits a steaming cup of coffee….not bad hey!

However, today is reported to be the most depressing day of the year for some of us – it’s Monday, it’s cold, the novelty of our New Years resolutions have faded and both purse strings and waistbands are feeling a little over stretched – Models Direct are here to turn this around!

We’ve come up with a few simple suggestions to help improve your mood, give you that little confidence boost and beat those winter blues:

If you are signed with Models Direct you may choose to give your ePortfolio a bit of an overhaul today:

  • Are your photographs up to date and representative of your current look? Are they as good as they could be?
  • Have your measurements changed and need updating?
  • Check your contact details are correct, you may be missing out on that all important call!
  • Make sure details of any prior experience is included, this may help in securing you work.
  • Do you need a showreel on your portfolio to show off your talent?
  • Are you following us on social media so you are update to date with all the agency news and hints and tips on improving your chances of securing modelling work?


Once you have given your ePortfolio the overhaul it deserves why not consider one of these options:

  1. Break a sweat: It’s nothing new, but exercise is scientifically proven to improve our mental well-being and boost our mood. You don’t have to go and have a hard cardio sesh in the gym to achieve this, sometimes it’s better to be outside in the fresh air, as long as you are moving your body. Take it back to basics if need be, a simple walk to the shops, a gentle jog or take part in a class at your local gym, it feels like an effort now, but you never regret a work out and it does wonders for the mind too, so win win!
  2. Set Goals: What do you want to achieve today, this week, this month, this year? Doesn’t matter the size of the goal, it’s the concept of achieving something that will help your overall mood. You may be feeling a little overwhelmed or lost, by setting goals you give yourself purpose and direction.
  3. Eat Chocolate: For most of us this will not be a problem at all, but rather than buying yourself a sugary milk chocolate treat go for chocolate that has a high percentage of cocoa in it, it will naturally boost your serotonin levels – the happy hormone!
  4. Get some ZZZ’s: Sleep is hugely important in keeping our stress levels to a minimum. After a good nights sleep (minimum 8 hrs) you will be able to cope better with situations and therefore not get so worked up about things, so check your evening regime is beneficial to you getting quality sleep. Reduce caffeine, avoid eating late, have a herbal drink in the evening (Chamomile or Lavender), read before bed…..all of which will help you relax into a heavy slumber.
  5. Get Organised: We are all busier than ever, many of us trying to spin a lot of plates and this can become over-whelming therefore we feel down on ourselves for not achieving it all. To avoid this be as organised as you can in a way that works for you – keep a paper diary, write things down, make lists, ensure the important things are sorted, ie, banking, insurance, kids etc….this will give you piece of mind and allow you to have more time to concentrate on new things you may want to do.

Do something positive for yourself today and wave goodbye to the January Blues!

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