MD Team ‘clothes swaps’ to Spring/Summer Fashion

London Fashion week 2020 saw the launch of it’s first ever clothes swap, an opportunity to swap your quality unwanted items and restock your wardrobe without parting with any cash, it’s simply a swap and the clothes you own are your currency…

With us all becoming much more aware of where our clothes are made, the effect it has on the environment and it estimated that £140 million worth of clothing ends up in landfill every year, it’s time to seriously start supporting and finding ways to recycle and reuse our beloved ‘must-have’ fashion items.

Clothing being so affordably priced now a days allows consumers to purchase numerous items which may only be worn a couple of times, if that! Retailers are clever and make it so easy and too tempting to quickly grab something new to wear for that next big event you have coming up or drinks at the weekend, there’s always a reason for a new item of clothing, not to mention the boost we get from making the transaction!

Whether it’s high fashion or commercial modelling, clothing is a huge part of the modelling industry too, the Models Direct team are very aware of the amount of outfit changes that might be supplied for just one shoot, show or campaign, often with garments in numerous sizes or even different colours to ensure the client gets the perfect shot, it can be pretty full on!

This season the Models Direct team are making a conscious effort to update our wardrobes ready for Spring from sustainable sources including second hand shops, up-cycle existing pieces and of course some office clothes swaps!

Hosting a clothes swap couldn’t be simpler and a great way to network or socialise with friends, you could host one at your home for friends and neighbours or like the Models Direct team host one in your work space with colleagues – a brilliant way to have some fun and go home with a gorgeous new addition to your wardrobe!

Happy swapping from the MD team