JetSet Kids

Are you jetting off for some sun and relaxation over the Easter break?? Whether you are visiting family,  a city break or a long haul adventure it all means one thing – travelling with children!!

To help you out the Models Direct team, of which a large percentage are parents, have compiled their top tips to make travelling with kids that little bit easier!

Our junior models also often have to travel for assignments , generally within in the UK, but sometimes it means going on a plane and travelling further afield, so what ever your reason for travel it helps to be a little bit organised and take the stress away.

If your travels this season are taking you over seas here are Models Direct’s  helpful tips to flying with children:

1 –  Comfort:   It’s a good idea to  dress your children in comfortable clothing when travelling, make sure they wont be too hot or too cold and are not restricted by what they are wearing. There’s no need to look super stylish when travelling, it’s much more important that your children have comfortable clothing on so they can relax and  can sleep if tired and   can sit in it for long periods of time.

2 –  Food & Snacks: Food can  be expensive and sometimes difficult to find when travelling, so have a bag of tasty snacks with you . It’s a good idea to have a variety of different things, some healthy snacks, some treats and also some thing the children haven’t tried before  to keep it interesting. As we all know children get super grumpy when hungry, so a little pick me up during a long flight or car journey can make all the difference. Also carry plenty of water with you, it’s very important to stay hydrated, particularly if it’s warm or you are flying, dehydration can make you feel very tired, so often regular sips of water can keep moral up!

3 –  Activities:  With tablets available to many of us it’s very easy to sit a child down with a tablet and headphones, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing,  parents are now able to download educational and fun games for children of all ages , so make sure you have updated your /their tablet with some new apps and games that will keep them interested.  If you are on a long journey then it’s useful to pack a variety of activities and space them out over the travelling time, so they are new to the child, could be a new coloring book, spelling game, maps and maze puzzles, reading book,  etc – there are lots to choose from on the market. Trick is to not give  them all to your child at the same time, keep their curiosity!

4 –  Stay Calm:  As a parent it’s really important to try and stay calm with your children while travelling, try and avoid arguments and upset as this will make the journey and travelling experience much more stressful than it needs  to be.  Aswell as looking after the needs of your children make sure your own needs are met also so you feel the best you can.

5 – Sleep:   If you are travelling for a long time make sure your children have a chance to rest and ideally sleep! Try and stick to their routines as much as you can, feeds and naps are essential especially with babies and toddlers. So if you are flying make sure your baby is fed when they usually are and  made comfortable so can drift off to sleep rather than getting over tired and grumpy. It can be useful to have a small blanket and pillow with you if in the car or a plane so that your child is comfortable and  warm.

6 – Other Passengers:  Whatever mode of transport we may be on we are often in close proximity to other passengers, so try and be cheerful and polite to the people near you, especially if you have a baby or young child with you who may be noisy or cry, it’s useful to have the people around you on your side  and possibly may help you out if you need it!

7 – Organisation:  There is so much for parents to think about before going away, it can often seem overwhelming, but organisation is key and will make your travelling experience much calmer and enjoyable. Plan ahead with your packing, don’t leave it until the last minute! Make sure your hand luggage is organised and prepared in a suitable bag and has everything you need for the plane or is within easy reach in a car or train, you will be calmer if you know you have everything you may need for your baby or child.

Whatever the distance you are travelling, the most important thing is to stay calm and try and make each part as fun as possible, it’s all part of the holiday experience and  can be a great time for your children to learn and see new things!