What can a commercial model earn?

Picture the scene:

You’ve signed up with us, and are twitching with excitement at your upcoming modelling assignment. Won’t it be great to mix with modelling professionals and further your career in modelling?

We’ve sent you all the relevant information, and you know the location of your job. Everything is in hand. Everything will go swimmingly well. No one really likes to talk about money – economists and bankers are exempt, of course! But the fact is that you’re doing a professional job for a top client, and we pay fairly and on time. Yes – no chasing of payment! But what amount will it be?

Well, modelling fees depend on a few factors. Let’s consider them:

1. A client’s budget. Whilst Models Direct always procures the best (and fairest) fees for all our models – including animal models! – not all clients have the luxury of limitless budgets. Some clients simply have larger budgets than others. That said, all our clients are well-known and are just as fair as we are, so models can rest assured that their fees will be amongst the best around!

2. Location. A modelling assignment could pay better in London than, say, a more remote rural location. But that’s an extremely general detail, and models shouldn’t be too preoccupied about the correlation between location and fees: it’s just that sometimes location plays a factor in the fee amount.

3. Duration of assignment. It shouldn’t need explaining that a three-day modelling job should pay more than a three-hour one.

4. Experience of the model. It stands to reason that a model who’s gained substantial industry experience is usually paid more than a novice. That’s not to say that debut models receive the lowest fees – in fact, if your face fits and our client would love you to appear in their campaigns, debut models can receive surprisingly generous fees.

So, what about hard currency? “Give us the facts”, we hear you cry!

Well, if we had to put a rough estimate on an average day’s modelling fees, we wouldn’t be too far off with a figure of £150. for whole assignments (which could last a few days), the figure could be in the thousands of pounds. Family modelling, for instance, often demands a larger modelling fee because of the scale of the campaign and more models are required.

Perhaps the easiest way to find out how much some of our models are paid, have a look at these two links:

This first one depicts some of our smiling models complete with cheque in hand – see for yourself! 

The second link is a list of fees we’ve paid out to a whole host of models and actors who’ve starred in TV commercials and photo, fashion and advertising shoots. That’s right – real people with real fees!

Fees are just what models deserve, and our clients know the importance of them. There’s only one way to find out how much you could earn on modelling jobs – and that’s to apply to us! We’ll do the rest!