Laughter is the best medicine

We are told laughter is the best medicine, but if you’re not feeling it how can you laugh for the camera?

Whenever you see a model laughing on the front page of a magazine, you should remember that they are acting. This side of modelling is often forgotten as people don’t look past the smile and wonder what kind of day they might be having, or what they did after the shoot. They may well have got up before sunrise and travelled miles to a photo shoot, perhaps unwell, not feeling themselves or be dealing with any other of life’s challenges!

A great model will not let other things in their life affect their work, just as we are told to leave our concerns at the door when we show up at the Models Direct office. A professional person will be able to put their life to one side and focus on the job in hand, it’s essential you can do this when modelling and being infront of an audience. To be a model, you have to be able to smile, jump, dance, cry, laugh and more on the photographers request. The days of a pretty face making you famous are gone and you need to be the full package.

Laughing enlivens your soul and mind towards creating a better world to live in. Laughing is also proven to make you live longer as happier people experience less stress in general. It makes you relax, and it also makes those around you relax. It is like opening a gate to a happy place where everything is okay, and it is infectious. Work on your own mental state and try to be as resilient and joyful as possible, but don’t push it onto others. Even with the best intentions, many people resent being told what to do by someone they view as an equal and it will isolate you from your friend group.

People like to whinge and moan about other people, and this kind of thing can be seen as patronising very easily. Leave them to it, and remember that happiness is infectious and doesn’t require words. Models can turn it on and off at a moment’s notice, just like actors can cry on demand! Feeling anger against anyone takes too much effort and time. Getting overwhelmed by it will cause you to become an angry and negative person. It will also result in you neglecting those you love. Instead, try to focus your energy on positive things.

Happiness is the key to living life without regrets! Always spend more time with those who make you happy and avoid people who put you down. Only you can make yourself happy and you can get half-way there by picking the right people, and places, to spend time. All of this begins with a distinct and focused choice to be happy. The Models Direct team do lots of fun in house activities and treats to keep us all upbeat and smiling!

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