How to be a success in the modelling world….!

This blog is packed full of useful information designed to help you fully understand how Models Direct works and be beneficial to you..

What kind of work does Models Direct offer?

Models Direct represents a diverse variety of talent across the UK and worldwide. Our clients ask us for singers, dancers, models, actors, musicians, pets and promotional staff for work in many areas of the industry including; film, TV, events, fashion shows, photographic shoots, theatre, catalogues, advertising, product launches and promotions.

Models Direct is an international agency, therefore we are able to represent you for work in your local area or on a much wider scale if travel is your thing!

Take a look at the Models Direct client list, you will see we have worked with a huge range of clients, this allows us as an agency to successfully represent diverse talent, here is the list of types of talent Models Direct represent:

What is the Agency News email?

The Agency News email keeps you up to speed with what’s going on with your personal e-Portfolio. Models Direct will you email every time you are considered for a possible booking. You don’t need to do anything – one of the Models Direct team will contact you immediately if you are shortlisted or selected for an assignment!

What if I’m too busy, or don’t want to do an assignment?

If you have work, educational, domestic or personal commitments that mean you can’t accept an assignment, or if you just don’t want to do it, we’ll simply offer it to the client’s second choice. This won’t affect your chances of selection in the future!

However, once you have accepted an assignment from us over the phone and agreed all the terms and conditions including your fee and expenses, you have made a commitment to fulfilling that assignment.

Remember, you can mark your online diary ‘unavailable’ for periods when you do not want to be offered work.

How much can I earn?

Fees can range from £100 to several hundred pounds per day!

Earnings depend on the type of work, your experience, how many agents you register with and also your own initiative and persistence.

Models Direct agree the fee with you before you accept an assignment. After the assignment. The benefit of being with an agency is that they can negotiate the best rate for you, this can be much harder for an individual to do when working with a business.

To see some of the fees earned by Models Direct talent, view our modelling success stories.

What can I do to improve my chances of finding work?

This is a very important question. Often, the key factor in success is not looks or talent, but persistence! Talent who take the initiative and proactively make things happen are often those who find most success. While Models Direct commit to putting you forward whenever your look and skills are called for, we need you to get involved in order to maximise your chances.

The most successful talent on the Models Direct books are well known within the bookings team and keep in regular contact with us, by social media, email or a call now and then just to say hi, see what work is coming up and to ask any additional advice on improving their portfolio to benefit them. This is part of the reason why a phone call with a member of our experienced team on application is essential as it allows us to gauge your commitment to the industry.

Here’s what Models Direct recommend:

Make sure your photos are current and reflect your current look. This is particularly important for babies and young children, whose looks change very quickly. You don’t require professional photographs, however to give yourself the best possible chance of being selected or noticed by a client make sure your photographs are the best they can be!!

Click here for help with your photographs

Also make sure your ePortfolio is reguarly updated and lists full details of skills, experience and any relevant qualifications you have. The Models Direct booking team are often checking model stats for work, so please make sure all your measurements are up to date and all filled in.

Register with more than one agency to get more exposure to the industry. Not all agencies are exclusive so you are able to be represented by more than one.

How often should I update my profile?

Your profile needs to be up to date so potential clients can get an accurate sense of your suitability for their project.

Babies’ photographs should be updated every few weeks, children’s every few months and adults’ as and when your look changes.

Simply log in to your account and making sure your details and images are as up-to-date as possible. We need to know if your skills, experience, qualifications or measurements change or if details such as address or phone number change. If you have an online diary, make sure it reflects your availability in terms of holidays and so on.

Remember Models Direct will email every time you are put forward for work too.

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