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Have You Got What It Takes??

Information and advice is so important when trying to make it in any industry,  you really can  make your dreams  a reality!!

Modelling can be an exciting and lucrative career path, but it can also be a competitive one. For the savvy and determined model there are many things that you can do to maximise your chance of getting bookings    successfully. Here are some tips from agency Models Direct that could help you with your ambition to   become a model!


Modelling opportunities come in many forms and whether you’re hoping to gain work in advertising, TV, photographic shoots, catwalk, promotional work, hosting, or any of the other categories that modelling has to offer, it is always helpful to remain as flexible as possible in your approach. Remember that any experience you get is an advantage, so if you’re open to a diverse range of potential assignments you are more likely to find more success in future. Everyone has to start somewhere , we have to walk before we can run and there’s a reason for that, so don’t be deflated if you don’t get the dream modelling job immediately, top jobs  come from hard work and experience, not luck!


Models with additional talents obviously widen their appeal, so don’t forget to promote whatever skills you feel you already have and work on new ones to add another string to your bow. This could be something as simple as great people skills and confidence or it could be a specific talent such as the ability to sing, dance, act or even perform martial arts. Anything that gives you an edge will be to your advantage so let people know about what makes you unique. Clients may be more likely to  book a model    with additional skills. Models Direct work with many different clients across the UK who may be looking for actors, singers, voice overs and dancers, so additional skills are always a bonus!

Be proactive

As an aspiring model you will need to put yourself out there and create networking opportunities. An agent may be able to help you with this. If you do successfully gain any offer of representation be sure to keep any online profiles up to date with images and a brief biography where possible so that clients have access to your   current  look. Collect references from any work offered and build on your portfolio.  Your portfolio needs to stand out and appeal to a variety of clients, so ensure you show different sides of your personality and that you can versatile, you can then be considered for more roles and shoots.

Safety first!

If you are offered representation check that the agency is regulated by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), and that its terms and conditions comply with the legislation that governs employment agencies. Officials from BIS carry out regular inspections on modelling agencies, examining both their activities and their offices. Sticking with regulated agencies will protect you from scams.