What can i expect when being signed with Models Direct?

What type of work can I expect when signed by a commercial modelling agency like Models Direct?

 In the commercial modelling industry there are several different types of work you could be considered for.  At Models Direct we represent models with lots of other talents too, so can provide models to s varied selection of clients across the UK.

Below are some of the areas of the modelling industry we supply models to and the clients we have worked with:

Catalogue Modelling:

 Models are photographed showcasing a brands clothing or products, which is then seen in print in their own publication and supplied to their customers.

We have supplied catalogue models to many different companies, i.e., Matalan, Learning Resources, Next, Mothercare.

A catalogue shoot could be a half day or full day shoot and a model can expect to earn approx £120 – £500, depending on the brand and their budget.

Promotional Modelling:

 This is a form of live modelling which is designed to drive consumer demand for a particular service or product, therefore resulting in more sales for that company. It may also be to create more awareness of a charity, event or organisation. A promotional model needs to have excellent communication skills and an outgoing personality as they will be client facing and the representative of a specific brand.

Models Direct has supplied promotional models to numerous company’s and brands, from handing out leaflets at trade shows to be the face of a new and up and coming product, examples are: Penhaligons, Property companies, Birmingham Bullring Shopping Centre.

Commercial & Print

Commercial and print modelling is done to promote a business, product or service that will be seen by its potential customer by print. These types of advertisements are aimed at ‘real people’.

At Models Direct we get clients requesting two types of commercial model, a Lifestyle model and corporate model. A lifestyle model is there to promote a particular part of stage of life, i.e., acting as a parent for a family holiday brochure, a student promoting a University course or maybe a mature model promoting a new care home that’s opening soon, all of these models will be attractive versions of a stereotype.

Corporate commercial models are often asked to portray doctors, healthcare professionals, business people for advertisements with a business theme. These would be used for brochures, print and annual reports.

At Models Direct we often provide models to the NHS to feature in new print they are producing. Also we have provided more mature models, over the age of 60 for care home brochures and print.

Swimwear/Fitness Models

Both swimwear and fitness models need to have a toned physique and generally a good understanding of fitness and proficient in it. A swimwear model will have a slightly curvier figure than a fashion model and be seen in holiday brochures, beachwear catalogues, and advertisements for sun tan/beach products. Fitness models could be seen in gym advertisements, fitness magazines and or a fitness trade shows.

Models Direct have supplied fitness and swimwear models to a variety of clients, including PureGym.


 TV Commercials are a very powerful why to promote a product, idea or service. It is an exciting opportunity for a commercial model to be selected for a TV Commercial. The client’s requirements may be very specific on whom they are looking for or more general; it really depends who the Director is. It helps if these models have some acting experience, so they are more confident in front of the camera.

Models Direct have supplied models for numerous TV commercials, including Sainsbury’s, Legoland and Huuge Casinos.