Ready to celebrate your curves?

If you are healthy, happy and proud of the way you look then you should celebrate your size, whatever it is…

And what better way of doing so than becoming a plus size model?

Body positivity is increasing among both male and female models – here at Models Direct we are passionate and proactive in promoting it and providing plus size models to our clients.

We take pleasure in representing men and women as they really are and want all our models to revel in their differences….

It’s been a long year already and, with lockdowns and periods of quarantine or self-isolation, many of us may well have gained a few pounds here and there.

Winter is also looming – a season where we don’t always get out and about as much as usual and perhaps also start to worry about being a little curvier.

But with more and more plus size models being called upon to feature in all sorts of advertising, this could be just the moment to stop worrying about your size and to put yourself forward just as you are.

Indeed, embracing your shape, feeling comfortable with your body and loving yourself for yourself is very much of the moment and there are so many role models out there to take a lead from.

Check out the likes of Tess Holliday and Jada Sezer, who have made a name for themselves in plus size modelling, and also taken the internet by a storm as social media influencers and heavy promoters of body confidence.

Then there are the many stunning plus size female actors who currently grace our screens, such as Queen Latifah, Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson to name just a few.

Sensational plus size superstars with bags of confidence can also be found behind the mike – take your lead from curvy singers like Beth Ditto and Lizzo and be proud of who you are.

At Models Direct, our own plus size models are booked for an array of assignments, from swimwear to casual wear, and many have made a fabulous career from it.

Find out more about plus size modelling through Models Direct before deciding whether to give it a go yourself.

And, whatever you end up doing, be confident in your body and enjoy being who you really are.