Family modelling

Advertising has taken a new direction in recent year. Modelling clients are asking more  and more for  ‘real’ people and ‘real’ families for their modelling jobs. The  Models Direct Assignment team have found many modelling jobs for our  modelling families, in fact one family, the Friend Family are on to their 7th booking.

Models Direct Pleased For Model Family The Phillips Family In Daily Mail

Rebecca  Friend  recently wrote about her experiences of family modelling over on the Models Direct website.

“Working as a modelling family is a mixture of excitement and apprehension. As any mum knows if your going anywhere with your children you want them to be on their best behaviour. I told my children if we were lucky enough to get 1 job we would be extremely lucky. Here we are several years later and now on our 8th job. We have managed to do so much with are extra money that has come in from our job, just little things like being able to spoil the kids a little, to a weekend away for the family to now having our garden landscaped and having a hot tub fitted.”

Other Models Direct modelling  families have gone  to do   all sorts of exciting modelling jobs.

The Phillips family featured in the   The Daily Mail, Mirror and Express earning themselves £6,000 in model fees in the process.

The Burton’s hit our screens when they featured in the NSPCC’s ‘Mess-a-thon’ campaign.


You can find out more about  family modelling with models direct and apply to put your family forward for modelling jobs over on the Models Direct website.

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How do Models get work?

Small businesses and large corporations contact Models Direct every day wanting to book male, female, child and baby models for Photo shoots, advertising campaigns, promotions and commercials. We are also seeing a huge increase in enquiries for pet models.

As an international modelling agency we have a wide range of child models right the way through to mature models available to be booked for paid work.

So how do we do it? Firstly, our assignments team listen to precisely what our client is looking for; types of models which can include age range, hair colour, eye colour, ethnicity and of course location for the job and duration, together with a budget.

Once we have this detailed information we can search our database and input all the fields the client has given us. Our bespoke system will then return results of models who may be suitable for the booking. Their ePortfolios are then sent electronically to the client and from that they can decide which models they wish to shortlist and/or book for their event.

“My first assignment for Models Direct went very well! It was a male model wedding shoot for  Sony. I really enjoyed it.  This was my first time I had experience a shoot as a male model. The team were amazing, very friendly and warm . There was a  brilliant atmosphere. Marie is my model agent. She is very professional and explained everything in detail. Thank you so much to Models Direct for this opportunity it was great! I’m looking to do it more! Definitely recommended!”   Jovita

At this point we make contact with the selected models to agree full booking details and importantly what they will earn for taking part.

In most cases there is a minimum of two weeks notice, sometimes we have very short notice and of course it’s always up to the model as to whether they decide to accept or reject any booking offered.

Booking paperwork is sent to the model confirming all these details in writing.

“I recently attended the photography show with  Models Direct. It was a great experience and I had so much fun, it was a pleasure and I’m looking forward to do more shoots.”   Orika

Once the assignment is completed the model fee is then paid to the model or parent/guardian for child and baby models. We love to see behind-the-scenes photos from our models when they’re working and also feedback from them following their success on a modelling job.

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Different Modelling Jobs at Models Direct

When the word ‘modelling’ flashes in the minds of people, many will instantly think about catwalk and fashion runways. These types of modelling jobs are just one of the many types of work available to people ready to make it big in the fashion industry.

The industry is very dynamic and trends are constantly changing, however at Models Direct  modelling agency we notice there are some types of modelling that are popular year in and year out. These are hair modelling, range modelling, body parts modelling, photographic modelling, child modelling, lingerie and swimsuit modelling, and plus size modelling.

plus size model
Plus size modelling is on the increase

If you want to compete as a hair model you must really have a natural, genetic lucky edge over the competition. This type of modelling job can be quite rare and you need to be experienced in other areas to have a chance of getting in.

Another type of modelling job is child modelling. This is one of the most popular fields now with young mothers who want their child to become a star. Also, many companies use babies and children to represent innocence and honesty to the consumer.

Baby and Child modelling is very competitive and obviously their looks change quickly, so it’s essential parents keep their baby or child portfolio up to date so the agency can represent them as their looks change.

Feet and hands of a model
Have you considered foot or hand modelling?

At Models Direct we often get requests for particular body part models, ie, hand models, feet model, leg models, so you can have just one strong feature to be a successful model. Modelling jobs for body parts models generally pay £100+ per day, but with great representation and a lot of experience, some people can ask for a lot more than that.

There is now a big demand for plus size models in the industry. Brands are now embracing the different shapes and sizes of their consumers so therefore need to use models that represent their customers. Plus models are generally size 14 and above.

Models Direct also represent Fitness models, these models will generally be very comfortable to model gym wear and have a toned and muscular physique.

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